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Welcome to International Monotype-XV iceboat homepage.

Link to championship in Finland mid November 2015

New rounding marks to be used at EC 2016 are handed over to Ton van Berkel (June 7, 2016)

Europen Champion 2015:

Vadim Bihler and crew Alex Vostrunosov (gold)                                        Mats Åkerblad & Niklas Jansson (silver)

Photos here at the Gallery 2015

Iceboating when it is at the very BEST. The Monotype-XV iceyacht is the only 2-seated iceyacht in Europe today that regulary arrange European Championship. Maximal speed is 130-150 km/h and the iceyacht is very very nice to sail and compete with. The class is more or less active in the following countries: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Nederland, Germany, USA and Poland.

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10th German icewsailing week 1938. Try to count the XV's !! (43 are seen on the photo)

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