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European Championship 2020 Russia organize

Feb 9: Sailing instructions 2020 here.

Feb 4: Final descision: Euro Champ at Orsasjön, Sweden. /Bernhard Rost. Details:

Now we have a decision: Orsasjon, Sweden.

Attila confirms to Stan that it is possible to race two courses (Monotype and DN) on lake Orsasjon, Orsa. The cracks that were an obstacle before are gone (melted together).

Reserve lake to be Oresjon, Furudal.

 Orsa is 320 km/4 hours from Stockholm.

Preliminary depot (North of lake): Orsa Camping:
See you all soon!!

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Official invitation here
Entry Form here pdf   here Word

Official sailing instructions (pdf) here

How to sail the 8-course (pdf) here
Flags used during race (pdf) here

Entry list, payments and memberfee list here
Gallery 2020 planned here



Info: 2020-01-15:
Hi all,
I have talked to Ostersund Ice boat club and they report 15 cm black ice and they are willing to welcome us for our EC weather permitting.

Unfortunately other venues such as Orsasjon (Falun) and Storsjon (Sandviken) have not enough thickness of ice 12 cm and new ice respectively.

Low pressures with hard winds and snow/rain makes forecast tricky for next week but hope for stabilisation thereafter.

I will keep you further informed.


Final decision planned here







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